Day 2: Roasted Greens, Brown Rice and Feta, with Balsamic Glaze

Today’s lunch was tasty, and after a busy morning, I was looking forward to getting a nice helping of carbs- roasted greens, brown rice and feta, with a balsamic glaze. If, once again, you are looking to add meat, or fancy some different ideas, click here… Meal Tips

I chose to eat todays lunch cold, however, it is definitely something you could pop in the microwave at work or uni if you are in need of a warmer option. I drizzled on the balsamic this morning, and this prevented the dish from being dry.

I added a little paprika to my broccoli when roasting, as I described in yesterday’s blog, so if you missed that, make sure to pop back and give it a read!

Broccoli and other greens are really good for your diet, in terms of fibre and nutrients. Broccoli is also full of antioxidants which protects the body from illnesses like colds. Maybe our parents weren’t lying about eating our greens after all!

The veg took around 20-30 minutes to roast, and the rice took 30 minutes on the hob. Prepping this meal is so easy, you can always get on with other jobs too when its cooking!

Greens, brown rice and feta!

Today’s lunches was one of the most simple, but the veggies were flavoursome, the feta added a salty twist, and the balsamic added a sweet taste too.

Meal Tips

  1. As the feta and courgette add Mediterranean flavours to the lunch, a lamb kofte, or spicy meatballs would work well as a meaty accompaniment. (I will soon be uploading a homemade lamb kofte recipe!!!)
  2. Swap out the feta for halloumi if you’re looking for something slightly more filling, it will still provide the same saltiness
  3. Substitute the cheese for hummus, or another vegan dip, if you want to cut out all dairy products
  4. If you want to reduce your carb intake, half the portion of rice and add more greens. E.g. roasted asparagus or green beans would also be great

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