No Meat Monday-Friday Meal Prep

There’s nothing worse than going to school, or uni, or work, and eating the same boring packed meals over and over again. Or, due to saving time, or lack of planning, grabbing something to eat from a cafe or supermarket. On average in Australia, a salad/sandwich meal combo at lunch can cost up to $10, totalling in $50 a working week, and $200 a month.

Meal prepping is a great way to not only save money, but make sure you are getting all the nutrients and daily macros you need. Also, if you are trying to cut back on meat, or are concerned about the meat industry’s impact on the environment, by making delicious veggie lunches, you are one step closer to reducing your consumption. If you are a big meat eater, all of the meals in this blog can easily be adapted to include your fav!

My Ingredients

I started off by planning what I fancied for the week ahead. It is slightly challenging to eat gluten free and vegetarian, and it can mean recycling the same dishes multiple times throughout the week. However, I have tried to vary the choices as much as possible, giving me something to look forward to each day.

I did the majority of my shopping in Aldi, grabbing a couple of bits from Woolies too. All of the items were less than $60, which also includes extra leftovers for dinners as well over the next week or so.

My meal plan is:

Monday: Baked salmon, roasted veggies and brown rice

Tuesday: Brown rice with courgette, broccoli, feta and balsamic vinegar

Wednesday: Baked salmon, salad and boiled potatoes with homemade dressing

Thursday: Roasted mixed veggies with brown rice and sweet chilli sauce

Friday: Salad nicoise- tuna, boiled potatoes, boiled egg, cucumber, spring onions and mixed leaves with homemade dressing

As I said, cutting out gluten also made this challenging, and as I go through the dishes throughout the week, I will add in possible alterations to spice it up a little more!

The meal prep today took a couple of hours, and although you may think “I’ve got better things to do on a Sunday” (I thought that too), it really gives you more freedom during the rest of the week.

Todays preparations included:
– Bake the salmon
– Roast veggies
– Boil potatoes
– Boil eggs
– Boil rice
– Make salad dressing
Simple as that!

During the next 5 days I will be writing a little something on my lunch each day, and hopefully it will spark some inspiration for your work/school lunches in the future too! Check back tomorrow to see how my salmon, rice and veggies came along.

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