My weekly shop at Adelaide Central Market

Food shopping since I have been in Australia has mainly consisted of constantly trying to work out the exchange rate, desperately remembering ingredients and figuring out how to carry everything home on the bus. I decided I had to make a change, become more organised with both my time and money, and stop eating like a pig. My morning today began with a lovely trip to Adelaide Central Market to buy my ingredients for the week (and a bit more) ahead.


Creating a meal plan not only allows you to be precise with your shopping list, but it reduces food waste and also saves money. My budget here has to be slightly higher than at home, but I will include the AUD as well as the GBP conversion.

Meal Plan

I found it surprising here how expensive veg and fresh produce was in supermarkets as Australia is very self-sufficient in terms of production, however, to my surprise, I found much better deals at the central market.

The Central Market has over 70 traders ranging from fruit, to nuts, to seafood and bakery items, along with lovely cafes and eateries. The market also has a mission to operate sustainably whilst producing a cultural shopping experience- which I think is better than a huge supermarket. Also, the market had free tastes… winner winner chicken dinner. I purchased quite a few items from Chinese stalls as well as Australian; I feel I had a good mix of culture.

Going to the market was great because I was able to chop and change some of my ingredients depending on what was in season, and on offer. I swapped my normal chestnut mushrooms for enoki mushrooms, which will be great for stir-fries. Also, one of the stalls was selling curry dhal mix which you make by just adding water- really easy and perfect for these chilly Australian evenings, but not something I had thought of purchasing before.

I must add I did have to go to a supermarket for a few bits after my market haul, mainly for tinned tomatoes, tuna and GF bread rolls. Below you can see the extent of my purchases. Although I didn’t keep track exactly of how much I was spending, the overall trip cost around $55, equivalent to just over £30, which is not too bad for over a week’s shopping I don’t think.

Food Haul!

fullsizeoutput_217e.jpegMy meal plan started yesterday with leftover sausage bake for lunch, and chicken pasta after lacrosse (I got back quite late, so I needed something quick and filling). For today’s lunch I also had my feta salad, and this evening after the gym I will make barramundi, peas and rice with a garlic, lemon mayo.

Throughout the rest of the week I will be uploading short recipes of the meals I make.  I have to keep everything quite simple here because I don’t have a selection of amazing utensils, dishes and cooking equipment like I had in Brighton. However, this is good because all of the meals I make will be easy and quick- perfect after work, Uni or school.

Watch this space x



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