Spicy Turkey Bolognese

Once again, I found myself sifting through my freezer, before I finish Uni for the year, and I came across a pack of lean turkey mince. Not only is turkey mince far cheaper than beef or lamb mince it is also far healthier. I really enjoy treating myself, but it is great finding healthier recipes that taste just as good!


I have made turkey burgers before which were delicious, but I fancied making something a bit different, so this time I chose turkey Bolognese. As turkey mince is less calorific, less fatty and higher in protein it was a great choice after a busy few days in the gym, whilst also delivering that comfort food feeling with the rich tomato sauce and pasta.  I found a great recipe by The Kitchen Alchemist and was excited to give it a go.

Onion, Chilli and Pepper!

My ingredients were

  • 450g Turkey mince
  • 450g Passata
  • 1 White onion
  • 1 Red pepper
  • 1 Red chilli
  • 2 Small cloves of garlic (or 1 large)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1tbsp Sugar
  • 1tsp Chilli flakes
  • 2tbsp Mixed herbs
  • Salt and Pepper (heavy on the pepper)


I started off by heating a big drizzle of oil in my casserole dish over a high heat on the hob. Once the oil had become piping hot I added the diced onion, red pepper and the finely chopped red chilli. I used a little water to ensure the ingredients didn’t stick to the pan as they browned.

After about 5/10 minutes I introduced the turkey mince; breaking it up with my wooden spoon so that it began to cook all over. Once the turkey mince had coloured I then added the minced garlic and continued to cook for a few more minutes.


The next ingredients I needed to add were the 450g passata- you could use chunky chopped tomatoes instead- chilli, sugar, salt and pepper. At this point I also added 1tbsp of dried basil and another of dried oregano. These herbs give the dish a more Italian feel and make the sauce smell, and taste, amazing.

Once everything was combined and mixed together I turned the hob down to a low/medium heat and covered the pan with the lid. I then left this to simmer for around 25 minutes. In this time all of the amazing spices, herbs and flavours marinated into the turkey mince and passata giving it a rich flavour.

Whilst the Bolognese was still simmering I cooked up a big portion of whole-wheat pasta. I was making enough for one portion for myself and another to take to work, however, I managed to cook enough for a small family?!

Bubbling and Ready!

After the 25 minutes were up I added two ladles of pasta water- just as the pasta was nearing the end- and the juice of one lemon. The recipe calls for one juicy lemon and I was in luck. Once the lemon and pasta water had been added to the Bolognese I gave it a big stir, ensuring all the liquid had soaked in.

I drained off the pasta once it had cooked and got ready to plate up. At this point it would be the perfect time to add fresh parsley or basil and a hearty helping of parmesan cheese, however I am trying to save money and reduce food waste, so I didn’t add these ingredients to my shopping list. Instead, once my Bolognese was piled onto my pasta, I added another sprinkle of pepper and it was ready to eat.

IMG_8972 2
All Finished!

I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome as I am always very aware that no Bolognese will ever come close to my Mum’s! But, however, I think I did give it a good shot and I am happy I will have got a good helping of protein too.

IMG_9044As I said, turkey mince is really good value, I got mine in Aldi for about £1.40, and the Bolognese recipe has made enough for about 4/5 portions. To make the whole big batch the cost would be around £2.75 (inc. an estimation regarding the price of dried herbs), making it an amazing 70p per portion.

Not only can this be eaten with pasta, but the recipe also suggests using it as a side to a crispy jacket potato, or with rice, as an alternative to chilli. I would definitely recommend this easy yet tasty recipe. If you fancy it, follow the link below:


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