Street Thai- Brighton

Now that the sun has finally began to shine in Brighton- better late than never- I am trying to find as many lovely places that combine both great food and the opportunity to catch some rays. After finding myself with a free Saturday afternoon, I knew this would be a great opportunity to go on the hunt for a sun-lit restaurant balcony.

Street Thai!

Street Thai was actually a suggestion by my friend Lara, and after weaving through Brighton’s lanes we found the location. In a pretty square with a water fountain, Street Thai has both an inside seating area, and a more secret outside balcony. From the ground floor you would have no idea about the tables that looked out from above.

After selecting a table, one we hoped would catch the sun for the longest, we started to look at the menu. The food was authentic Thai street food and every dish sounded great. Under each optoin was a brief description and a spice scale, which was perfect for me, not the most educated about Thai cuisine.



Set Menu!

I noticed on our way in there was a set-menu offer which I thought I would try. Two courses for £10 or three for £12.50, a real bargain! The smells coming from the kitchen were making me really hungry at this point, and although we were spoilt for choice, we managed to come to a decision quite quickly.

The drinks list was also jam packed, with a range of beer, cocktails and really affordable wine. A bottle of white for £14… I couldn’t say no.

Even with the set menu I still had a tough decision to make, but finally I went for the Som Tam for starter and the Goong Phad Pong Kari for my main. In simpler terms, this was a spicy papaya salad and a yellow prawn curry.

Cheeky seagull eyeing up my wine!

Lara was still slightly indecisive and asked the opinion of our really helpful waiter, who was more than willing to offer advice and further explanations of the dishes on offer. In the end she opted for a chicken stir-fry, after being assured that it wasn’t too spicy.

Just after we had poured ourselves our first glass of wine the food arrived. I was amazed how quickly it got to our table, but like I said, I was so hungry and therefore I am certainly not complaining.

On a hot day the papaya salad was really refreshing, and the chillies added a really nice heat, not too hot at all, just right. The portion was also a great size as I was still ready to devour my prawn curry. Lara’s stir fry was vibrant in colour and smell and did make me slightly envious- maybe I’ll try it next time.

Papaya Salad!

My curry was creamy, and full of flavour, and the sticky rice absorbed all of the sauce. The prawns were cooked perfectly, not too rubbery, just the perfect amount of bite. Although nearing the end I did feel myself becoming quite full, I honestly couldn’t put my spoon down, I wanted to finish every mouthful.

After the amazing ingredients and flavours in my 2 courses, I couldn’t eat another thing, and therefore decided to just finish off my wine for pudding instead.

All in all, this restaurant was really great value with lovely staff, delicious food and a really appealing location in the heart of Brighton. I would recommend Street Thai to everyone; there is something on the menu for every taste I am certain!

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