Hare and Hounds- Brighton

As I was feeling rather lazy this Saturday lunchtime I wanted to find somewhere relatively close that Jack and I could pop to for lunch. Only a short walk from my house are a few pubs on Preston Circus and I have been meaning to try them for a while. Although I have drank in the Hare and Hounds before I’ve never sampled its yummy menu.

The Hare and Hounds!

The pub itself is full of character. Large windows let in huge amounts of natural light to tall tables and benches, with quieter booths and smaller tables dotted around too. We chose to sit in a cosy booth, which sadly didn’t have the best light for photos, but the seats were very comfy. There is also a really nice outside area, with wooden benches and heaters and, in summer, a lot of greenery; great for a big crowd.

There were loads of different types of beers on tap, which, although not that important to me, I can imagine brings in a lot of drinkers. I know they change their kegs every week too, so there is something for everyone. On this occasion we stuck to soft drinks, I went for a lime soda and Jack a diet coke- we are wild!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.24.00
Beers! (pic from website)

After a tough morning at the gym, by lunchtime I was really hungry and I recon I could’ve ordered anything from the menu, it all looked so good. From wings, to nachos, to fish and chips and even a selection of ciabattas, I was spoilt for choice. After careful consideration I opted for the marinated chicken kebab with sweet potato fries- I do love a chicken kebab. Jack was umming and arring between a few options too, but in the end, he chose a buttermilk chicken burger.

My Yummy Kebab!

We were thankful when our food arrived, as all the other dishes that were carried past us made our mouths water. We didn’t have to wait long which was a relief, as every time the kitchen bell rang our heads shot round in anticipation.

The portions were a really good size for the price we paid, especially good for Brighton, and I was amazed by all of the colours on my plate. The marinated chicken sat on a type of flatbread- which was really tasty alone- along with a selection of relishes, salad, beetroot hummus and yoghurt sauce. There were loads of pickles too, my favourite! The sweet potato fries were crunchy and sweet and were a great accompaniment to the yoghurt and hummus.

Although I didn’t manage to finish the whole plate, I gave it a very good go and however tempting it was to pick it up with my hands, I somehow managed to stay quite lady-like using my knife and fork!

Stacked to the Brim!

Similarly to my kebab, Jack’s burger was massive too. It was fully loaded with: bacon, cheese, guacamole, salad and even a hash brown. They had even jazzed up the ketchup, mixing it with bloody Mary. Jack got pickles in his too, meaning even more for me!

Like myself, Jack gave his best efforts to finish is stacked burger and fries and we both really really enjoyed our meals.

With a soft drink and a main it cost us about £13 each, which like I said for Brighton, I don’t think is too bad. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and the pub had a really nice buzz from the wide range of customers that filled its walls. 10/10 recommend!!!

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