A Day of Vegan Eating in Brighton- Infinity Kitchen and Lucky Beach!

A few weeks ago, when the weather was warm, and the sun was shining in the blue skies of Brighton I had a lovely visit from my Mum. Having Mum come is always an opportunity to try somewhere new to eat, and on this particular sunny Saturday, I decided we would try eating vegan.

My Lovely Mumma!

I love veggie food, however I do not have much experience with veganism, as, to be honest, I LOVE cheese. The Infinity Kitchen in The Lanes in Brighton has been on my list of places to try for a while, as their mezze platters always look so amazing when I walk past. I knew Mum would be up for trying anything, so it was the perfect opportunity. Brighton is also AMAZING for vegan food, so there is no better place to give it a shot.

Although my plan was to go only to The Infinity Kitchen, during a stroll along the beach front we ended up walking past Lucky Beach. If you haven’t read my previous blog on Lucky Beach I recommend you do so, as the food is amazing! They also do great G&Ts! So, as we walked past, we decided to grab one of the sunny seats and order some refreshing fizzy sangria.


At this point, although we weren’t hungry, our tummies were rumbling a little bit. I knew I would be eating later, so we looked on the menu for small bites. Automatically the vegan hippy dip popped out at me from the menu, and it was a perfect opportunity to try some more vegan food!

The dish wasn’t quite as we expected, as it came out as a big burrito, filled with lovely pickled veggies and loads of salad. On the side we got a lovely dish of spicy tomato dip- a bit too spicy for Mum, but PERFECT for me. The sweet cold sangria complimented the spicy sauce and the burrito. It was just the right amount to fuel the rest of our day, browsing the shops, before we went for our proper lunch/dinner.

I had work at 5, so it was great to be able to eat something filling and nutritious before I started. The Infinity Kitchen didn’t disappoint. All of the outside seats were taken so we squeezed up the stairs and found a lovely bright dining area. Luckily we were able to get a table, as it was really busy, with queues out the door.

Small Salad!

The menu was surprisingly large, with many salads, breakfast items and sandwiches. As it was afternoon some of the dishes had ran out, but this was ok, along as there were mezze platters I didn’t mind! We were in luck.

Sunny Seating!

I think we both felt a little bit clueless about the food, and came to the decision quite quickly that we would order one small mixed salad and the normal mezze platter. It is a really lovely cafe, with simple decorations- no fuss. You order at the counter, with them putting together your salad in front of you. Although we both chose water there were loads of smoothies and juices, with a host of intriguing names on the menu. As well as this, their selection of non-dairy milks was like nothing I’ve ever seen before- I will definitely be going back to try them all!



Once Mum had battled through the queues and crowds to order the food was really quick. As the salad was made straight away this worked out as a little starter. It was full of grains, seeds and veggies, and the dressing was sweet, yet not overpowering. You also get such good size portions, and it was great value for money. A small salad cost £4.50, which in my opinion was really reasonable.

The mezze came a few minutes after Mum bought up the salad. It was a large plate covered with vibrant food that all looked amazing. There were crunchy falafels, aubergine, slaw, quinoa and much more. It was also my first time eating jackfruit, although I wasn’t a huge fan, I am glad I finally tried it, and I was surprised by its meaty texture.
The sharing plate was great between two, and I was really stuffed after. We tried to finish as much as possible but were slightly beaten by the end.

The whole meal cost just under £15, so £7.50 each is a bargain I think when you get great tasting, healthy food. I also feel like I did my bit for the environment but going animal-product free- I didn’t even miss the cheese!

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