Day 1- Sweet Chilli Philadelphia Pasta

For a while now I have been really excited to try the sweet chilli Philadelphia, but I haven’t got round to it, however, when I saw that one recipe online involved a roasting tin, I knew it was meant to be!!

Today’s quick and easy dish was sweet chilli Philadelphia pasta, with roasted chicken, peppers and onion. The recipe I found online had the quantities for 4, and I halved this, to make enough for myself tonight, and also so I had lunch tomorrow. Despite this, I think I made too much veg and meat, so subsequently I have quite a lot left!!


My ingredients were:

  •  2 Chicken breasts
  • 1 Sweet red pepper
  • 1 Red onion
  • Wholemeal pasta
  • 75g Sweet chilli Philadelphia cream cheese
  • 45ml Chicken stock
  • Fresh basil

Firstly, I diced the chicken, onion and pepper and added them to a roasting tray. Over the top, I drizzled olive oil, and sprinkled salt and pepper, giving it all a good mix to ensure it was evenly coated. This went into my pre-heated oven, set at 180 degrees, and cooked for 25 minutes.

Whilst the chicken and veg began to soften and brown, I cooked my pasta on the hob, in slightly salty water. Once the pasta shells were soft, but verging on al dente, I drained the water and put it to the side.

Cream Cheese Pasta

A few minutes before my roasting tin was ready to come out of the oven, I returned the pasta to the pan and combined it with the cream cheese and 45ml of chicken stock. Stirring over the heat, the Philadelphia melted, and the chicken stock infused into the pasta.

After the chicken and veg were thoroughly cooked- I did check the chicken, as a I get a bit nervous about potentially poisoning myself- I removed it from the oven, and added it to my pasta mix.

Roasting Tray

As everything was hot and fresh out of the oven, I didn’t have to stir the mixture for too long over the hob, just until it was evenly mixed. It was at this point I realised I had probably got my quantities of chicken and veg slightly wrong, I guess my eyes were bigger than my belly, a common issue I have! The veg:pasta ratio wasn’t great, however I can’t really complain about extra veggies.
I served myself a hearty portion, and topped with grated parmesan, pepper and freshly chopped basil. I love using basil, but I normally only use it in its dried form, but the fresh option smells, and tastes, so much better- plus its only 69p from Aldi!!

Besides the fact that I now seem to have more left than I had anticipated, the cooking of the dish was simple and quick. The beauty of using a roasting tray is that it can be left in the oven for whilst you go off and do other things, so it’s really useful if you have washing to do, or uni work.

All Finished!

As this is a mix of old and new ingredients, I am not sure of an exact pricing for this meal (sorry thats a bit rubbish of me) but it can be done relatively cheaply, especially if you shop at Aldi for meat and veg like me!

Here is the link if you fancy trying the dish yourself:

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