7 Days, 7 Roasting Trays..

After flicking through a lovely cookbook I got for Christmas- thank you Auntie Kate- an idea came to me about another 7 day cooking challenge I could set myself. The Roasting Tin, by Rukmini Iyer, is full of simple and healthy dinner ideas, that, as the title slightly gives away, are made in a roasting tin.

The Roasting Tin- Rukmini Iyer

Over the next 7 days I will be making a mix of vegetarian, meat based and fish based dishes, involving a wide variety of veg and spices that are either fully, or partially made using a simple roasting tray.

After browsing the recipes in the cookbook, I put together a shopping list, and headed to Aldi. For a grand total of £26.22 I got a large selection of veg, fresh herbs, cheeses and meats, including a rump steak! I didn’t do a great job at adding up the prices as I made my way through the store, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the counter.

Aldi shop!

I always find that if I have a good, methodical shopping list I can use my ingredients and money more wisely, as opposed to buying bits and bobs willy nilly. This is one of my money saving tips- make sure you are prepared, with meal plans, for the week ahead. Any leftovers are a bonus!!!

The following is my plan for the week ahead:

– Sweet chilli Philadelphia chicken and pepper pasta

– Smoky sausage, sweet potato and red onion traybake

– Flash-grilled spiced steak with peppers, chillies and onion (Steak Fajitas)

– Roasted chicken, brown rice and paprika roasted corn on the cob

– Roasted salmon with broccoli, lime, ginger and chilli

– Chicken and pepper traybake

– Goats cheese, pepper, mushroom and pesto pasta-bake

Meal Plan

Although these are all my options for dinner, I will also be making lunches that involve using my roasting tray, which will ensure I get the most from my ingredients, and waste as little as possible.

I will check back in later with my first meal- wish me luck!!!

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