Pizza Night!

I have mixed feelings when it comes to ordering pizza, and I am really anti chains like Dominoes and alike. Once you’ve chosen all your toppings, your base, your crust and your cheese, I feel like somehow its always near the £15 mark???? This being said, there are some local pizzerias that do great tasting, and great value pizzas that are delivered straight to you door.

However, on this occasion, I decided it would be a nice chance for some house bonding, and that we should make our own. We cheated slightly, as we didn’t make our own bases, but Sainsburys provided us with some lovely alternatives.


The beauty of making your own pizza means you can put however many toppings on, and you can make them exactly how you like!

After a little brainstorm, I headed to Sainsburys after uni and filled my basket with lots of yummy ingredients. For a total of just over £11.50 we got the following:

  • 4 Pizza bases
  • 2 Jars pizza sauce
  • Mushrooms
  • Chorizo
  • Green pitted olives
  • Rocket
  • Mozzarella

As well as these, we also added some bits and bobs we already had in our cupboards.

I think activities like this bring out the child in everyone, and we genuinely got very excited for our dinner.

Paprika Chicken

In a small pan I lightly cooked some chicken, which I topped with paprika; going hand in hand with the meaty chorizo. This meant we had a great mix of veggies and meat, making it a lovely balance.

To my pizza, already smothered in tomato sauce, I added sliced pepper, chorizo, olives, mushrooms, chicken and red chilli before sprinkling over the mozzarella.  Both Ellen and Amy’s pizzas were quite similar to mine, however Amy went mushroom free, and put her cheese on first.


What is the right way to top a pizza? Cheese first or toppings first?? 

Amy’s Pizza

As the pizza bases came in packs of two, I ended up getting four, although there were only the 3 of us eating. However, this became quite advantageous to us. In the same evening we had all planned to go on a night out- as us students do- and we just knew that, after a few drinks, we would LOVE some pizza when we came home.

Creating the masterpiece

This in mind, we also covered this base in sauce and toppings, as a little gift to our future drunk selves. This being said.. none of us remembered it was at home waiting for us, and ended up buying 2 portions of cheesy chips and a shish kebab on our journey home. (I got to eat to for lunch today!)

The pizzas only took around 10 minutes to cook, which was good, because by this point we were starving. To top it off, we added sliced jalapeños and extra chilli flakes- it was very spicy, my lips ended up very tingly.

Ellen’s Pizza

On top of our golden cooked pizzas we piled high the rocket salad, and I added a big squirt of ketchup on my plate. I know ketchup and pizza is a controversial topic, but sometimes I just like it ok!

Needless to say, it didn’t take us long to finish off our plates, regardless of our burning lips and greasy fingers.

At only £2.90 per pizza (not including ingredients we already had at home) this ended up being a bargain meal, and, like I said, it was really fun too.

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