2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes!

These two-ingredient banana pancakes are great for a quick, healthy and filling breakfast. As it says in the title, they only have two ingredients, eggs and bananas, which also means its low cost.

As I have said in my previous peanut butter oats breakfast blog, I really don’t think people understand the importance of breakfast, its a bit of a cliche but it really does set you up for the day. Who doesn’t like pancakes?? They’re sweet, easy to make and REALLY versatile!

Ingredients and toppings!

This morning, after my first sip of coffee to wake me up, I started by mashing one medium, ripe banana. I don’t mind it a bit lumpy, as I like the sweet pockets of banana inside my pancakes, but generally, you can mash them to the consistency you desire.

To the mashed banana I added two eggs and beat it all together with a fork. The mixture should be thick and a bit frothy. I don’t mind thinner pancakes, but if you favour American-style fluffier ones, you can add a sprinkle of baking powder at this point.

This is also the time to add any other extras to your pancakes. For example, chocolate chips, fresh blueberries, honey or cacao powder, you can even add protein if these are a post gym meal! Today I went for the simple plain pancakes, however I am quite partial to adding a few chocolate chips.

In a non-stick frying pan I added a small glug of vegetable oil, however you could you coconut or even butter at this point. Slowly I poured the mixture into small circle(ish) shapes in my pan and began to cook.

Final Stack!

As the mixture was quite thin it only took about 30secs-1min on each side, it was really quick, and you have to keep your eye on the ball because they can char quite quickly.

As I built my pancake stack I added a layer of peanut butter between each, and a few slices of banana. On the top I added a spoon of creme freche, frozen berries and some seeds. The creme freche balanced the almost savoury taste of the natural peanut butter, and made the overall breakfast lighter.

This dish is a really great start to the day, and by combining in fresh fruit, it can count towards your 5 a day!

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