Easy, healthy and cheap student meals- Sesame and Ginger Stir Fry

I changed my shopping tactics this week, and did my first online shop, with Asda. I did find it a bit restrictive, as I normally like seeing the fruit and veg, and seeing what offers they have in store, but maybe the online shop meant I didn’t spend as much. I have a few recipes in mind for the week ahead, so that helped give my order some kind of structure.

Big Asda Shop!

I spent around £42, however, unlike a normal Aldi shop, I did add some extra luxury items, including prawns and turkey mince. I also added some nuts and other snack items to my virtual basket, as I have really started planning what I eat throughout the day. Asda have some great little nut snack boxes on rollback at the moment, only 39p each!

Fully stocked fridge

Anyway, enough of my shop, onto my first cheap, healthy meal! As I have a busy weekend ahead, I wanted to ensure I would eat properly, and make the most of my food. This in mind, last night I made an Asian stir fry that is both easy to make, store and reheat.

I heated oil in a wok and then added 2 cloves of crushed garlic and one diced red onion. I browned the onions a little, softening them up, and then added the next few bits of veg. This included a red pepper, cut into strips, and half a courgette chopped into chunks. I also added 1/2 chilli that I deseeded, and a small piece of ginger cut into slithers. After the pepper had began to cook, and the courgette was softening, I stirred in a large handful of beansprouts. This was cooked on high heat for another 3/4 minutes, a long with a drizzle of soy sauce giving it a deep flavour, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.


I normally guess who much veg is needed, and this time I got it pretty much spot on!

After i’d split the veg into to plastic containers, I heated up a brown rice packet in the microwave- cheating a bit, but they’re so quick!!

To top off my rice stir fry I chopped some spring onions which I will add onto the dish after it has been reheated.

All prepped and ready to go

When it comes to eating my stir fry, I will either empty the ingredients into a frying pan to heat through, or whizz the plastic container in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

The total cost of this meal was around £1.15 per portion, which makes it great value!!

Also, it is so so easy to add protein, for example chicken or prawns, or even something like tofu if you are looking for that little bit extra.

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