2’4’1 Burger Night, The Gladstone- Brighton

A quirky, yellow and homely pub on Lewes Road, Brighton, The Gladstone’s bright exterior is hard to miss.

As this pub is the closest thing I have to a local, I have often been for drinks, and more recently, for their food.

With lots of student deals and a large selection beers, ciders and soft drinks, The Gladstone really welcomes a mixed crowd, which makes it a really interesting place to be. The inside is decked out with old, sturdy wooden tables, big lamps and fresh flowers, along with a comfy sofa area.


The outside resembles something you’d be more likely to find in a foreign country. Large exotic plants create a boarder around the paved beer garden, once again full of large wooden benches and booths.

In summer this garden is a real sun trap, however, in the winter months they cover the garden with a super big parasol-type roof, that shelters you from Brighton’s strong winds and the rain. Fairy lights drape from the ceiling, and old metal signs hang from the walls.


On Wednesday there’s a great 2’4’1 burger deal, with plenty of choice. I didn’t actually get a pic of the menu, however there were beef, chicken, vegetable and cheesy (I will explain this later) options. With my budding foodie best friend Ellen, we scanned the menu and made our choices.

We both opted for the Mojo Chicken Burger; butterfly chicken with salad and aoli, served in a sesame brioche bun. The fries here are so so nice, and I have found myself ordering a couple of portions before, so I made sure I added a portion onto my order- Ellen did the same.

After a busy day of revision, working on assignments, it was lovely to get out of the house and have delicious food cooked for us.

The chicken was tender and juicy, and the garlic aoli had a rich flavour. After swapping our tomatoes and red onions, we tucked in- our plates were cleared quickly. The saltiness of the fries complimented the fresh salad, all of which went down a treat with a big helping of ketchup.

With the deal, our whole meal and 2 pints came to just under £20, which is a bargain! £10 each, you can’t really complain.

As I said, I have eaten here before, on my last visit ordered the Moroccan Chick Pea Burger, which came with pineapple chutney and tzatziki, this too was delicious.



Happy me

Now to explain the cheesy burger option… One dish that always grabs my eye, but I have not yet been brave enough to try, is their Cheesy Madness. A WHOLE deep-fried camembert with cheddar, parmesan and cranberry jam. I feel this dish may be a struggle to finish, and although I love cheese, I am not sure if even I could manage it.

So, if you’re looking for great tasting food, for good prices, and a comfy setting, The Gladstone is a great place to go!

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