One Pot Chicken Jambalaya- Quick, Easy and Tasty

If you fancy an easy but full-flavoured meal, Jambalaya is the perfect choice. The first time I tried this dish was last year, and I’ve been promising to make it ever since, last night was the night, jambalaya night!


I can’t take all the credit here, as it was actually Ellen’s idea, but the cooking was a joint effort, and we had a cute night in watching trash tv and filling up on chicken, chorizo and rice.

Our ingredients were:

– 2 Chicken breasts
– Sliced chorizo (lots in our case)
– 1 White onion
– 3 Garlic cloves (minced)
– 400g Tinned tomatoes
– 350ml Chicken stock
– 1 Red pepper
– 250g Rice
– Cajun Seasoning

The recipe we followed is from BBC GoodFood, linked below!!

After everything was sliced, cubed, minced and diced, we began the cooking. Ellen started by browning the chicken in a pan, once golden this was removed and kept aside. After this the onion and garlic were added to the heat to soften.

Chorizo and Peppers

To this we then added chorizo, the red pepper and lots of Cajun seasoning to make sure it was full of flavour- and a bit spicy.

After around 5 mins, the chicken was re-introduced, along with the rice, tomatoes and chicken stock. Ensuring all the ingredients were combined, we then covered the pot and let it simmer. This took around 20 minutes.



The chicken was really moist (sorry- I know people hate this word!) and not at all greasy, the rice had absorbed the tomatoes and the stock, creating a rich chicken-y sauce. It was sooooo good!!


After giving myself a generous portion, I added some cheese and, after a quick whiz in the microwave, it bubbled perfectly. Ellen topped hers with habanero chilli flakes, and sour cream- I passed on the extra chilli.

All plated up!

The meal was a great hearty winter warmer, however it would also really compliment a salad to make it lighter over summer. Obviously extras can be added, for example I think some peas would have introduced a nice colour contrast and freshness.

Super easy, relatively cheap and delicious meal- great for sharing!!

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