Lucky Beach- Brighton

If you are looking for fresh, locally sourced delicious food and beautiful views of the Brighton coast, Lucky Beach Cafe is the place to go! Located under The Arches on the seafront, this lovely cafe/restaurant has both and inviting breakfast and afternoon menu.

Today, although the weather was gloomy, it was nice to be sat out in the sea breeze. As well as the setting being lovely, it has a cosy feel and the staff are all welcoming and smiley. The furniture is a mix of wood and modern features: mirrors, lights and plants- there’s so much to look at!

Ellen and myself both fancied a G&T, as well as something to eat, and as Lucky Beach provides a large selection of drinks- including cocktails- and food, it was just right.

Raspberry Tom Collins

We both chose a Raspberry Tom Collins which looked so pretty and tasted great. The big balloon gin glasses were filled with ice, flowers and a selection of berries, and even on a wintery day, were very refreshing.

As well as their food looking, smelling and tasting great, it is also locally sourced and sustainable. Their website highlights that the beef, chicken and pork is locally sourced and free-range, and the choice of fish is delivered each day.


We both chose chicken burgers, however there were loads of other choices, for example calamari tacos, beef burgers, salads and fresh fish and chips. I opted for a grilled chicken k-pop burger. It was a Korean inspired dish, with slaw and loads of pickles- my fav!! The chicken was juicy, with the sauce and slaw really complimenting the brioche roll. I sometimes find that brioche can be a bit heavy, but this was light and fluffy.


The crouching tiger was the name of Ellen’s burger. Once again grilled, the chicken was accompanied with a blue cheese wedge, salad and baconnaise. I really think more places should serve baconnaise- bacon, yes, mayo yes; it seems faultless. We both really enjoyed our food, and even though Ellen’s blue cheese burger was very rich, we didn’t leave any leftovers.

After learning from our recent mistakes of our eyes being bigger than our bellies, we only ordered 1 portion of fries to share, which was actually the perfect amount. They were served along with aoli, which was really garlic-y, just how I like it.

Sustainable products

Overall, the food was amazing tasting, fast and really affordable. The staff were lovely, and the atmosphere great. With the large outdoor seating area that goes out onto the beach, it’s a perfect spot for summer drinking, or alternatively, like today, a quick tasty lunch to get out of the rain and warm up.

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