Mediterranean Inspired Roasted Veg

I have been trying to find simple, yet tasty, variations on rice and veg lately; this meal was a great success. I have been really inspired by Mediterranean flavours at the moment, especially feta cheese, and therefore, I was trying to find some flavours that would complement this.

Veggies ready for roasting!

I raided Mum’s cupboard’s and fridge to try to find a few things to rustle together. My ingredients were:

– Sweet Potato
– Brussel Sprout Flowers
– Broccoli
– Garlic
– Spinach Falafel
– Pomegranate
– Feta Cheese
– Brown Rice


After prepping all the veg, I put the chopped sweet potato in a roasting tray, and added salt and drizzled with oil. Overall the sweet potato took 30 minutes to roast at 180 degrees. Whilst this was in the oven, I put the brown rice on to boil, really simply, only taking 20 mins to boil.

I had never seen Brussel sprout flowers before, and the man on the market described them as similar to purple sprouting broccoli, and quite like kale, so we thought we would give them a go. Combined with broccoli, I added crushed garlic and put it all in another roasting tin. This section of the meal only took 10/15 mins, making the greens crispy, and very tasty.

End result

The spinach falafels weren’t homemade I am afraid, however they were very nice, and from Waitrose- a huge treat when I am at home. I do really miss Waitrose when I am at uni.

When everything had finished cooking I combined all the ingredients and topped it with pomegranate seeds and some crumbled feta cheese. If anything, the dish was a tiny bit dry, but it would be nice with more drizzled oil, or even some sweet chilli sauce.

This has been a really brief blog, but it was so simple, there isn’t much else to say, give it a go??

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