One of the best breakfasts I’ve E V E R had!- The Avocado Show, Amsterdam

I had seen the vids on Facebook and the pics on Instagram of The Avocado show, and I knew that I had to visit- I just had to!!

I love avocado, and truly, this restaurant gave me an even stronger love I never knew existed. Dramatic I know, but you get my gist- it was bloody good!

The Store Front!

Located slightly outside the main central area of Dam, this eatery was in a seemingly quiet neighbourhood, and was really quite tucked away. Due to our breakfast destination I did suggest get up and active quite early, as I don’t know how/if I would’ve coped with the disappointment if we couldn’t get a table. Luckily, for me, and Jack (as there were no meltdowns), we arrived at the very green, cosy restaurant and managed to get a table.

The walls were concealed in leaves, shrubs and flowers, along with neon lights and products they sold in their store- I will come onto the store later, one exciting thing at a time.

Food is served all day, but as we arrived before 12pm we were given a breakfast menu. The only issue with this menu was that I couldn’t decide what to choose, what a first world problem I know. It sounds silly, but I was surprised at just HOW much avocado was on the menu. For example, eggs were served in avocado halves instead of bread, pancakes were made from avocado and smothered in avocado butter, and all the (nearly) juices and smoothies contained… guess what?! Avocado.



I would like to point out I am still not complaining.

After we had scanned the menu, weighing up all the options, our minds had been made. When the waitress came to take our order, I was still deliberating, but with a quick decision, I chose ‘The Benny Boy’. Described on the menu as an “Eggcellent choice”, it certainly didn’t fail to deliver. The dish consisted of 2 poached eggs, crispy bacon, homemade hollandaise sauce and flowers (I can’t say they tasted of much but they were VERY aesthetically pleasing) served in two avocado halves. On the side there was an English muffin too, which I must say added some great carbs to the dish.

The Benny Boy

Jack’s choice was “The sinner stack”, a stack of matcha pancakes, avocado, blueberries, crispy bacon and, once again, flowers. The pancakes were served with a big helping of one of Jack’s favourite things, maple syrup.

We couldn’t find any faults.


The Sinner Stack

My eggs were cooked PERFECTLY, the pancakes were juicy and sweet, the bacon was crispy and everything was presented so beautifully. Looking around the restaurant at everyone else’s food, I was so tempted to ask if I could take pictures of theirs too- it truly all looked amazing. The Avocado Show is an Instagram DREAM.

I’ve realised I have jumped right into the food, purely because I have been so excited to write this blog, but I have missed out our drinks. I chose a fresh OJ, which actually didn’t contain avocado- which I guess would have been a bit weird?? Fresh raspberry lemonade was Jack’s tipple, served with a big sprig of rosemary! They both tasted really refreshing, and complimented the breakfast perfectly.

I have realised that this is quite a long blog, and I am not quite finished yet either, sorry if you are bored.

As I mentioned earlier, this restaurant also have a shop devoted to all things avocado-y. This is located just across the street. It is hard to explain everything in the store, and I fear that would be a bit boring, so I have attached some pictures instead.

I would give this a massive 5* rating if I could, and 10/10. I do think that, although very avocado orientated, there is something for everyone on the menu. Jack isn’t the biggest fan of green things, and he managed to enjoy some pancakes. The prices around Amsterdam were all very similar, and I didn’t come out feeling like we had been charged too much. The only TINY downfall was that they only take card payment, so I couldn’t use my very precisely budgeted euros. However, they do this for environmental reasons so I really must not grumble.

Smiles ALL round!

If anyone from The Avocado Show reads this, I am very happy to become an ambassador!


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