Amsterdam Dinner Number 2- Louie Louie

In writing this title I have noticed a theme in restaurant names… Louie Louie, Boi Boi, maybe its a Dutch thing? However, Louie Louie was the restaurant we attended for dinner on our second night in Dam.

After a long day of exploring, drinking and going to museums (wow so cultural right?!), we were keen to find somewhere with delicious food and a good selection of alcohol.


I had already made a little list of restaurants I wanted to try before we arrived in Amsterdam and Louie Louie was one of these. It was also highlighted on our map* as a great place to go and eat. Apart from checking the menu online, and finding out its location, we didn’t really know much more, and it ended up being a really pleasant surprise.

*I would also like to say that, rather embarrassingly, I have become a map user. I imagine this will bring much delight to my Mum, who I would ban from using maps when I was younger, due to the pure shame of highlighting the fact we are indeed tourists. However, I am now embracing this, I am a tourist! 

Shabby Chic

Louie Louie was a short walk from our boat, and, due to its black colour scheme and huge glass windows, appeared very chic from the outside. The inside did not disappoint either. The atmosphere was brilliant, with funky music, funky people, and lovely staff. We hadn’t booked before, however really luckily, we managed to still get a table.   The seats were comfy, with lots of benches and cushions, and the walls were lined with fur. There was so much to look at!
As we had looked at the menu before, we had some idea on what kind of things we fancied. To drink, Jack had a local beer, and I decided to splash out on a rather large G&T- its a holiday, why not?!

Food wise, we selected a mixture of starters and little bites. This included wings, quesadillas, nachos and wontons, as well as some lovely dips and other Mexican dishes. As a little extra we also ordered chilli cheese fries, which we later discovered not to be that ‘little’ at all. Covered in pulled pork, jalepenos and cheese, these were amazing.

Chilli Cheese Sweet Potato Fries

Describing this meal now, it all seems very unhealthy, however, the food all tasted so fresh, so maybe I had convinced myself otherwise.

Sharing Platter

We managed to make our way through the fries and our sharing platter, leaving only some food on our plates. It gave us a great taste of the menu, and, if I were to return to Dam, or if we were staying for longer, I would definitely give it another go.

Also, by choosing a sharing board it meant we saved some money- I will always look for a bargain!

There was a large selection of cocktails and drinks, making this the perfect place for casual drinking (if you aren’t on a student budget), and there is a large outside benched area perfect for when the weather picks up.

All in all, I really enjoyed my dinner at Louie Louie!! Better get to the gym to work off all those carbs.


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