Sunday Lunch, Brassica- Dorset

Decorated with colourful artwork and beautiful flowers, Brassica always serves great quality food that tastes amazing.

A festive Brassica

I must admit I am slightly biased towards Brassica, seeing as my Auntie is the restaurant manager, and she does create the flower displays- including currently some lovely Christmas wreaths. Despite this slight family bias, the fresh menu, although small, never fails to deliver, and has an amazing mix of beautiful meat, fish and vegetables.

The Menu

I have been to Brassica once before, on a week night, however this time Mum and Myself  went to have a Sunday roast. Unlike most other restaurants on a Sunday, Brassica only offers one roast, along with 4 other dishes, including fish and a vegetarian option. Toady’s roast was pork, served with potatoes, parsnips, cabbage and lovely gravy.

I am getting ahead of myself talking about the main courses, first I must mention the lovely starters. Normally I am more of a savoury girl than sweet, however nothing today really took my fancy when it came to starters. Instead I chose focaccia and aoli, which I must say is the best aoli, and I even asked for the recipe. It is super garlicy, just how I like it. Mum went for roasted cauliflower, which was also super tasty.

Starters and Wine!

Back to the main…

As we both chose the roast pork- cut from a Berkshire pig, bred on a local farm- it came on a sharing plate, this meant we were able to serve ourselves, which was great. As I don’t really eat potatoes I opted for an extra side of skinny fries, a PERFECT accompaniment to the lashings of gravy on my plate. The cabbage was lovely, and everything was beautifully seasoned. The organic veg at Brassica mostly comes from another local farm called Heywood, or straight from the allotment, making everything super fresh. I think this really adds to the taste.


Sharing plate

With a great mix of chocolate, fruit and cheese, it was a challenge to pick a third, and final, course. After my bread, chips and slices of meat I knew I couldn’t manage a big dessert, so I went for the affogato. This is a single scoop of vanilla ice-cream served with an espresso, which when poured on top, is a perfect mix of bitter and sweet flavours.


I am very glad my Mum went for the chocolate and salted caramel sundae, as I was desperate to have a try. Vanilla ice-cream, chocolate cake pieces and salted caramel sauce are a perfect combination, and it was just as delicious as it sounds.

Brassica also has a lovely selection of wines and fizz, and today we chose a white wine to accompany all the delicious food. I must say, it went down very easily, and I am now feeling very tired- and full- on the sofa.

Maybe half a bottle of wine isn’t a good idea on a Sunday Afternoon?







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