Kensington Balcony Cafe- Brighton

The Balcony Cafe is a firm favourite of mine. The inexpensive, but nevertheless tasty, food never fails to fill me up.

This casual cafe is located in Kensington Gardens, Brighton, and is quite easy to miss! The doorway, in-between two shops, leads to a staircase that takes you up to a small room filled with wooden benches, cosy tables and, surprise surprise, a balcony.

The Balcony Cafe

Despite it’s almost secret location, this cafe is  A L W A Y S  busy, which does make it challenging to sometimes bag yourself a table. This time, the odds were in my favour. I first sat at a round table, waiting patiently for a bench to become available, and it did. I pounced into the little booth as quick as possible. The walls are lined with posters advertising local events, mirrors and the eye-catching, colourful menu.

Seeing as I have eaten here many times before, the list of dishes I have tried is shameful. I am normally one of these people keen on trying a variety of dishes on a menu, however, when it comes to the balcony cafe I only ever seem to get a salad. Don’t get me wrong, all the other food looks amazing, and I do always ponder over the menu, but I cannot resist the homemade coleslaw and the great choice of extras that top the salad.


Chicken and Halloumi

On this occasion I chose halloumi and chicken for my extra toppings, and Ellen- my lovely date- swapped the halloumi for avocado. Both of them looked, and tasted amazing, which was proven in our empty plates. Alongside the leaves, cucumber, hummus and coleslaw, which I think is one of my favourite coleslaws ever- I am a self-proclaimed expert- I found the chicken and squeaky cheese perfect. The portions are just right, especially for the price. The salad alone is £5.50, with an extra £1.25 per topping. As well as avocado, halloumi and chicken, other toppings include smoked salmon, bacon and feta cheese.

Chicken and Avocado (ft. Ellen’s lemon fleece)

Luckily, to make this blog slightly more interesting, I can talk about what other people have ordered on previous visits. I would describe the food as great quality, great value comfort food. From burgers to nachos, pancakes to jacket potatoes, you’re spoilt for choice. To go alongside the lovely food, the staff at the Balcony Cafe whip up amazing juices and milkshakes, as well as serving classic teas and coffees.

The burgers are well filled, either beef chicken or veggie, and come with chips and more yummy coleslaw. Jack has had the BBQ burger before, and he certainly had no complaints!! The sandwiches and paninis always look great too, and I have always been tempted by the fish finger option. Maybe writing this is the wakeup call I needed to push me to try new things.


Tucked away in the North Lanes, this little cafe has a lot to offer. The friendly staff and casual feel come together to make the cafe super inviting. I could not complain about any service I have ever received, and when calling out for food, they’ve always got my name right too. I will definitely be returning, and I promise I will try something new!


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