Winter Wonderland- too much choice!

After my first trip to Winter Wonderland last year I knew I couldn’t wait to go back. As well as all the lights, rides and things to see, the selection of food and drink is amazing- maybe even slightly overwhelming.

Luckily we went on a weekday, which meant there weren’t unbearable crowds, and we could explore at our leisure.


We started off by trying some of the drinks on offer. A lovely mulled cider and a pint of larger went down a treat. However, I cannot say these were a treat to our purses, and as anticipated nothing came cheap.

After a wander around the attractions, through the Bavarian Village, lanes of shops and the excessive amount of fair ground games, we decided it was time for some food.

There was honestly so much choice! From Thai food, to fish and chips, and to classic Bavarian options. At every corner there were bratwursts and german potatoes with all the sauces you could ever want- apart from BBQ to Jack’s disappointment. So I guess you could say, all the sauces I, personally, would ever want.

The issue is, with so much choice, it meant we ended up wandering for ages, so by the time we did choose somewhere, we were both REALLY desperate for some food. Deciding to give the noodles, hot dogs, bratwursts and even roast dinner wraps (which I definitely will try another time) a miss, eventually we came across Gamekeeper.


Gamekeeper is a burger company with locally sourced ingredients, including the finest British Game. Gamekeeper are regulars at festivals with their shipping container food trucks, and have a permanent spot at Winter Wonderland. It was a tough choice, seeing as their restaurant front was sandwiched between a Mac and Cheese food truck, and one serving oriental duck, but the burgers looked and smelt amazing.

I went for the Deerlicious burger, which I presume was made from deer- I think the clue is in the name? This came with cheese, lettuce and their lovely home-made chutney sauce. Jack’s was called the Mojo burger, which had all the same ingredients but extra maple smoked bacon- his favourite. As well as the burgers we had, there was a veggie halloumi burger, and a mini moo for younger diners, and sweet potato fries. We found the burgers just enough, and due to the expensive prices, passed on any sides. I did get a little extra though, as I fancied Jack’s gherkin.

The food wasn’t super quick, however we weren’t waiting for more than 5 minutes- I guess this is just an indicator to the good quality and fresh produce. All together £17 for 2 burgers at an event like this isn’t too bad, and they were a lot better than the normal burger van food.

Despite the cold, the lovely beer, food and company made for lovely day. If you see this food truck anywhere else I would really recommend!!!!


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