Day 6, Rice stir fry

Day 6, I am really, really bored of cooking for myself, however I got some free food at work today, so cooking dinner wasn’t too much of a bore! After my pasta yesterday, and pasta at work I was a bit carbed out, however this evening I went for a brown rice stir fry.


My ingredients were:
– Leeks
– Onion
– Garlic
– Chilli
– Pepper
– Brown Rice



I fried shredded leeks, thinly chopped onion and pepper in a pan with garlic and chilli, obviously these can be added for taste. The brown rice took about 20 minutes to cook, and I then combined this in the pan too. It was quick and simple, and allowed me to use up more of my veg.

I topped the dish with fresh chilli, and also added some soy sauce.

This week has been rather meat-free, purely for cost wise, however meat can easily be added, or extra protein like eggs, or even tofu.

After 6 days of cooking and blogging I have actually found it tiring, however really enjoyable. Thank you to all my readers, I hope it has been interesting. I will be back tomorrow for my last day!!!

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