Day 4, Grilled chicken, sweet potato mash and garlic roasted veg

I feel like I must start this with an apology, seeing as I missed a day yesterday. This is partly due to University commitments, and also because I wanted to go ice skating (sorry!). However, I did get the chance to go and watch my first ever moot (I promise this is a real thing you can Google it), which was followed by free wine and pizza. It would’ve been rude for me to say no!!

Anyway, I am back on track and will ensure I make the ratatouille pasta bake on one of my other days. I will also add an extra day onto the end, to prove there was enough shopping for 7 whole days.


Today I chose to cook grilled chicken with sweet potato mash and garlic roasted veg. This  dish allowed me to use up bits and bobs from previous recipes.
I used:
– Chicken breast
– Pepper
– Courgette
– White onion
– Garlic
– Garlic Powder
– Sweet Potato
– Nob of butter

Full of protein, this was a perfect post-workout meal (I’m not trying to brag!). Overall It took around 45 minutes, with the roast veg taking the longest. As the veg needs to cook for around 20/30 minutes prior to any other food prep, it means, if, like me, you have lecture slides to catch up on, or coursework to do, you can leave it and go back- as long as you remember to set a timer.

The mash is also very simple, after boiling some sweet potato- until it was soft- I added a nob of butter, salt and pepper, and mashed.

Similarly, I seasoned the chicken breast in salt and pepper and grilled this for around 14 minutes, leaving it to stand in some foil for a few minutes after to ensure it was cooked through. I think since I have been at uni I have learnt that getting ill from chicken is less common than I was made to believe.  I always finding cooking it for a few more minutes, just to be cautious does the trick nicely.

End result!

I like this meal because it is versatile. You can sub grilled chicken for pan-fried or baked, and you can swap in whatever veg you have in your fridge.

The cost would really depend on where you bought the chicken from, as supermarkets do vary quite a lot, but from Aldi, this filling meal would cost you around £1.50.

Once again I am sorry for missing a day, and I am also sorry there aren’t many pictures, I completely forgot, and I was starving!





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