Day 3, Stir fry a-la-cec

Stir fry is one of my favourite dishes, purely because you can whack almost anything into it; as long as you’ve got some garlic and some noodles. Trying to reduce my food waste, I aimed to use up veg from the previous meals, which meant I had quite a colourful stir fry.


The ingredients were as follows:
– Garlic
– Chilli (of which I had some in my fridge already)
– Ginger (ditto)
– Pepper
– Leek
– Carrot
– Noodles
– 1 Egg (an optional extra)
– Soy Sauce

I love this dish because it is so simple, and incredibly quick to make after a busy day studying hard in the library- like us students L O V E to do!

I basically chucked everything in a hot wok and cooked it quickly, adding the garlic, chilli and ginger slightly after to prevent the garlic from burning. Once the noodles had been boiled, I chucked them to the wok too to combine.


I decided to include an extra treat today, a fried an egg, cooking it in the leftover oil. This introduced some well needed protein.  On this occasion I added soy sauce, but sometimes I use infused oil, or alternatively, sweet chilli sauce- be daring!

Obviously, meat can be added quickly and simply; my favourite being chicken or prawns (prawns if I’m really splashing the cash). The total coast of this meal would be around £1.50, especially if you are adding ingredients you already own.

End product!

It’s not quite a Nigella standard dish, however, for the student pantry, I find this a brilliant low-cost meal that includes many of your 5 a day.

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