Day 1, Chicken Biryani

I am glad I started the week off with the chicken biryani, as I was genuinely excited to cook this dish, and to try something new.


If I had any faults I would say I expected it to be more curry-y, however maybe this was my error for not looking into the dish well enough. Nevertheless, it was very tasty, and I think it was quite an adult dish for me to make!

It was a relatively simple recipe, with only a few ingredients, mainly:
– Chicken thighs (skin on)
– Rice
– Vegetable Stock
– Chilli powder (and I added a little extra fresh chilli- spicy me)
– One Large Onion
– Frozen peas

One of the other reasons I was excited to make this dish was to use my casserole dish for the first time- its the little things in life!

My new casserole dish!

The overall prep/cooking time was around 50 minutes, but I am sure you could reduce it with some speedier onion chopping.  I substituted plain rice for brown, which meant I upped the time a bit. Apart from that the recipe was easy to follow, and cost less than £3- and there is LOADS of leftovers.

GREAT for students!!!!

Here is the link if you would like to follow!!!!

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