Botanical Brunch, Red Roaster- Brighton

Surrounded by vines, plants and trees, Red Roaster makes for a lovely, Brighton breakfast spot- even if they are all made of plastic. The tall ceilings, marble  work-tops, mirrored walls and industrial lighting creates a clinical feel, however this is balanced out by the friendly staff and an abundance of greenery.


As it was 9.30am on a Saturday morning, so I didn’t feel I could justify delving into the breakfast cocktail menu; even though it all looked great. Instead, I had an elderflower soda, and Mum had a tea. I don’t like using the phrase hipster, but it was all very ‘Brighton’. Tap water came in individual carafes, and tiny jugs of milk were brought inside tea cups.

The food menu also looked amazing, with high-quality, locally sourced produce. The staff were helpful when prompted, and were able to inform us about allergens and make some food suggestions. I opted for poached eggs, avocado and poppy seeds on gluten-free toast. Mum’s breakfast was similar, but she decided on maple smoked bacon rather than the avocado. Both plates came out quickly, and were very pleasant. Disappointingly, Mum received gluten free toast too, which I think we both pretty much decided we wouldn’t be having again!

I wanted to try Red Roaster because I know the food at Lucky Beach- its sister restaurant- is very good. I am glad we booked because even at 9.30am, it was very busy. There was a lot to look at, and the toilets very incredibly fancy (great mirrors for selfies- as tested by Mum). I am not sure if I would eat here again, however I know people go and really love the food and service. In the future I may pop in, however just to pick up one of the homemade pastries that looked delicious.

My Gorgeous Mumma!

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