La Choza, Brighton

Tucked away in the North Lanes, this cosy, amazingly decorated and welcoming Mexican has a home away from home feel- if your home is covered in bright skulls and glittery pictures of Jesus.

Obviously a very popular place, on arrival one of the lovely staff members made us aware that the wait for a table was around 30 minutes. Already incredibly hungry, I looked at Josh for a second opinion. The food smelt amazing, and the atmosphere was brilliant, so, we decided 30 minutes wouldn’t be so bad. Much to my delight, after around 15 minutes we got a call, and rushed back around the corner to claim our table.

Due to the size of the restaurant, the tables are intimate, and you do find yourself sat very closely next to other guests. However, if you are the friendly type, and don’t necessarily mind a straying elbow or an intruding bowl of nachos, this restaurant has so much to offer.


With the largest tequila menu I have ever seen, and a plethora of cocktails and beers, there is certainly something for everyone. I went for a simple coke, and Josh decided to try a Monkey IPA, which to his delight was a relatively high percentage.

Choosing food was a hard task, mainly because everything that came out smelt amazing, looked amazing, and by the sounds of those around us, tasted amazing too. For some nibbles at the beginning, we selected tortilla chips- with habanero chilli sauce and guac- and calamari and chipotle mayo. Calamari is always my go-to starter, and I must say, that in my 21 years on this foodie world, La Choza delivered the best I’ve ever tasted.

Both lovers of spice, we were slightly taken aback by the heat of the Habanero sauce, causing us to take a sharp intake of breath, and let out a little gasp. I had not been too adventurous with the sauce for my chicken and homemade chorizo burrito, sticking to the hot, but surprisingly-pleasant-after-the-first-mouth-full habanero chilli. Josh on the other hand had gone for the burrito special, pulled pork and jalapeño hot sauce. Maybe he loved it, or maybe he didn’t want to admit defeat, but Josh bravely finished off every last spicy mouthful.

The best calamari in the WORLD

Whether it was my severe hunger, or pure desperation to try everything on the menu, when my silver wrapped burrito came, I felt like I was in Mexican heaven, and I never wanted to leave.

Disappointingly, my eyes had been too big for my belly, and the last bits of my wrap didn’t get finished. I had made a valiant effort. I spent the rest of the evening in rather a burrito state myself, wrapped up in my blanket, unable to move from my food coma.

For the amount of food, brilliant service and great atmosphere, the price couldn’t be faulted. This would be a great place to go with big groups (if you book), or a nice place to drop in for a bite to eat, as long as you don’t mind queuing around the corner- it is really worth the wait.

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