Dorshi- Bridport

To bid me farewell (only until Christmas), Mum treated me to a lovely dinner at Dorshi in Bridport. A mix of modern English and East Asian cuisine, and raved about by my family, I was very excited to visit this restaurant.

Peng Chicken Bun, Tiny Tempah Bun and Cauliflower Popcorn

The main menu featured Dorshi dumplings- both fried and steamed- a selection of small plates, and their noodle bowls. The question with small plates is, how many small plates does one person need? Or more to the case, how many small plates did I want!On our high bench table, after we had ordered, it quickly filled up with an array of dishes. I went for an alcohol free cocktail which was fresh and fizzy- don’t worry, I know it’s incredibly unlike me, I am ok, just having a detox!

Alcohol Free evening (for me).

Making our way through the menu, we ordered butternut squash and caramelised onion dumplings, alongside some cauliflower popcorn (a little too spicy for mum), a Tiny Tempah Bun for me, and a Peng Chicken Bun for mum. The peng chicken was, I must say, very rightly named. I also learnt quite quickly that I really have to learn how to eat with chop sticks. Stabbing a dumpling with a fork just doesn’t seem quite right, especially in such a trendy place.

Although the names of the dishes do not give much away, they were all so flavoursome and I could happily eat anything that was on the menu. Maybe I was just lucky there were no potatoes or pastry!

Fish Noodle Bowl

We ordered one bowl to share after our small plates and dumplings. Named ‘Adventures of Fish Bouy’, our bowl was filled with lovely noodles, crab broth and fish balls (not literally!).

Sesame Chocolate Brownie, with Matcha Green Tea Ice-Crea

As I have previously said, I am not a great sharer of food, however, with the lovely sized portions, in Dorshi, I was willing to make an exception. I even shared the chocolate brownie dessert, which finished the dinner off very well.

If I could eat it all again I would, and the next time I am in Dorset, I definitely will be back to finish the rest of the menu. However, I would not recommend wearing a white t-shirt if you are a clumsy eater like myself, or wearing long dangly earrings that can drape into your fishy broth.

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