The Red Brick Cafe- Bridport

The first cafe I visited on my new blogging journey was The Red Brick Cafe in Bridport, Dorset.

Red Brick Cafe
Red Brick Cafe with my lovely Mum

The cafe itself is an old converted house, surrounded by Bridport Antiques- also well worth a look. The cafe is filled with a mix of ornaments, filling a range of fireplaces and nooks and crannies. There is seating both inside and outside, so will suit all kinds of people- and I’m sure all four-legged friends.


Long benches line the main room, where the kitchen/counter is also situated. This counter, filled with fresh tarts, salads, sandwiches, cakes and a selection of breads- including gluten free- makes it almost impossible to choose. However, after careful deliberation, I went for the ‘Famous Falafel Salad Plate’ with a green tea.

Falafel Salad, cheese scone and green tea

The crockery resembled a collection from a Uni house. A Harry Potter mug to my left, a Yorkie mug for my green tea and a selection of glasses. However, I feel the cafe was going for a more recycled theme, rather than my own ‘lets pinch a glass from the pub’ approach. The plates and bowls were lovely, and water was given out in various metal vessels.

My lovely lunch date- my Mum- chose the split pea soup and cheese scone, washed down with a homemade apple juice, which was indeed very appley.

Live Music

There was live music next to our table, which was both tuneful and a lovely change from the boring elevator music so many eateries seem obligated to play. I even caught myself tapping along through my lunch.

The informal cafe meant the overall vibe was incredibly relaxed, with lovely staff who were incredibly helpful.

Both affordable and filling, I left feeling very happy- as well as smelling incredibly garlicy- which as my friends know, is not an irregular occurrence. Overall, if not only to try the lovely, fresh and healthy food, I would highly recommend a visit to Bridport, to explore the large number of antique shops. Full of character and with such an inviting menu, the Red Brick Cafe is somewhere I will definitely return.




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