The Aqua Shard- London

Unlike, I imagine, a lot of my other posts, this one is slightly more high-class. For my 21st  birthday I was treated to the most amazing dinner at the Aqua Shard in London.

Dinner with a view

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE the opportunity to dress up, and this was one of those perfect opportunities. The whole atmosphere of the Aqua Shard was amazing. Somehow, both dimly and brightly lit, with huge lighting displays and walls of mirrors, we were greeted by a team of lovely staff, eager to take our coats, and do everything they could to make our dinner special.


To our surprise we were led to a secluded table right by the window, meaning we were able to see a panoramic view of London at night. Taking in our beautiful surroundings, we enjoyed a cocktail each. Mine was whiskey based, and the other tequila. Very strong- however I am not complaining.

There was so much to look at, with intricate bars, and walls covered in jars of butterflies. The menu, although limited, was full of dishes I would love to have eaten.

Grilled octopus was our chosen starter. I cannot fault the taste at all, however when it arrived, we did both rather think we may have to finish our night in the local kebab house to fill up. However, as the meal went on, we stood corrected, with the portions being the perfect amount- sadly no chicken shish kebab for me.


Grilled Sirloin and Slow Cooked Beef Cheek

For our mains, boringly, we both ordered the same. Which I guess was a good choice, seeing as I am always desperate to try any other dishes ordered, at the same time as being incredibly stingy when it comes to sharing my own. It was all amazing.

When it came to dessert I did play the ‘its my birthday’ card and chose my preferred pudding for us to share. There was one option that particularly caught my eye, a chocolate and Marmite semifreddo- yes MARMITE. Now I am very partial to some Marmite on toast, but I was incredibly intrigued by the chocolate combo. With the sorbet it was, in my eyes, very tasty. Sadly, Jack didn’t quite agree, but did continue to eat it with me- what a trooper.

The food couldn’t be faulted, and neither could the company. The whole evening is something I will cherish forever, and for one night, I truly felt I experienced how the other half live. I do still love a chicken shish kebab though.

Chocolate and Marmite Semifreddo








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